It’s all a matter of perspective!

With so many doctrines to sift through, so many denominations – some claiming to be the one true way, others professing to be a bible based church or new testament church. With society telling us one thing is right or wrong, and scripture telling us the opposite, and so many evangelist, preachers, and leaders giving us their interpretation of it all we must decide: Who is right? Who is wrong? How can I be sure?


Here is the answer I have found – from scripture. I’m not saying I’m absolutely correct, or my understanding is the only one that you should use to evaluate ANY  circumstance you may find yourself in. As I examine the scripture of Romans 14 and other key verses, you will hopefully see why I make this disclaimer.


Just like the colors we see are actually just our interpretation of what is not really there <if you don’t know what I mean, google “color and how we see it” or go to> So is the food we eat, or the day we reverence God merely a reflection of our interpretation of the word of God adapted to the enactment of our daily lives.

Paul explains in Romans that we MAKE things sinful when we believe them to be sinful and then go forward with the intent to indulge, partake, entertain, act on, and or live in the said sinful way. Romans 14:20 says “….All food is clean” meaning if God put it on the Earth & made it edible – which I believe God made all things on the Earth – then it is clean. If YOU can eat it & it not become sick, then do so, if you so desire, knowing God made “it” for you to partake of and be may stronger by. However, if something makes you sick – such as sugar for a diabetic, or a food allergy – stay away from those things. Not just for your physical well being, but also out of obedience to God, because God made you just as you are (Psalm 139:14)  – even if that means you are not to eat chocolate – or fish – or bananas.

Come back tomorrow for the rest of this topic, and what Romans 14:20 says about our actions in relationship to other people.

3 thoughts on “It’s all a matter of perspective!

  1. Love it. I also believe that messages come from the holy spirit. Not from a word by word play. For example…a certain scripture may add just the right light to a dark area…today…but next month that scripture and I connect in a different way.

    And a pastors sermon may not touche today…but in the following week it will click. Oraybe it clicks different for me than it does for someone else.

    But the message in today’s blog…touches me in the way that….the Lord is simple. Live is simple. The messages He sends are simple. Its us that makes them difficult. Or us that judges if love is right or wrong. If we simply listen….and feel with our heart…its simple really.

    Thanks Missy B/H

    1. Thank you Robyn~
      I always appreciate your input. So right you are about the Holy Spirit leading us to understand what God is communicating to us at a given time, whether by scripture, through a friend, or in the writing of blog, lol!

      1. No problemo…now…ifni could only freaking type on this dang phone half if which I said might make sense lol

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